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The ĒVLV Summer camp is the place to BE! Come have fun and get better at our five day annual summer camp! The first four days will be centered around an evlv soccer curriculum that encompasses the technical and tactical part of the game. The girls will be placed into groups based on skill and age to maximize their development.


Our ĒVLV Winter Camp features a college or professional player. This creates an environment for the girls to strive to the highest level of play.


KAIZEN means continuous improvement. It is a long term approach to work that leads to efficiency and quality.

ĒVLV offers Kaizen Kamp which is an intense program that gives a glimpse into the demands of collegiate, professional and international soccer. Kaizen is for the female athlete that wants to be pushed out of her comfort zone by technical proficiency, tactical IQ, physical endurance and mental toughness.