When was EVLV created and why? 


EVLV was created in July 2017 by Lauryn Hutchinson and Breiana White. The purpose of creating EVLV was to provide a positive environment for each female can grow as a player and person physically and mentally.  Lauryn & Bre wanted to give back to the Richmond soccer community and instill a culture where everyone has fun and works together to help each other reach their goals.

What sets EVLV apart from other year-round technical programs?


EVLV is a female-based soccer program that focuses on the individual as a whole beyond the technical training.  At EVLV we focus on the following areas to improve and grow our athletes.

  • Re-instill the love of the game

  • Train

  • Empower

  • Prepare to play at the next level

  • Enhancing ones mindset

  • Improve confidence

  • Rehabilitate from injuries

Where does EVLV hold its training sessions throughout the year?


WINTER  Group training and privates held at SCOR at 1385 Overbrook Road, Richmond, VA 23220

SPRING Small group training and privates held at Deep Run Park 9900 Ridgefield Pkwy Henrico, VA 23233

SUMMER  Small group training and privates held at St Catherine’s Fields at 12950 River Road Richmond, VA 23238 (Goochland County)

FALL  Small group training and privates held at Deep Run Park 9900 Ridgefield Pkwy Henrico, VA 23233

 Am I allowed to create my own group of girls for a small group training?


Absolutely!  The minimum number required is three girls.

How long are training sessions?


Group Sessions last 60- 75 minutes typically

Private Sessions last 60 minutes

Semi-Private Sessions last 60 minutes

What is an Empowerment class? 


The mental aspect of the girls’ game is a pivotal piece of a player. Without mental toughness, we wouldn't be challenged to physically give 110%. Empowerment classes give our girls an opportunity to discuss topics that they struggle with and face on and off the field.

What if my athlete suffers an injury and is unable to participate in EVLV training for a period of time?


EVLV would put your account on hold keeping payments on file until your child is able to resume training.  Paid fees can be applied to future training to include our Return To Play program for athletes who have suffered an injury.

What is EVLV’s policy should my child be a NO SHOW to a scheduled training session?


EVLV requires a form of communication should your child not be able to attend a session (group or private) as soon possible.  Should an athlete be a NO SHOW with no communication of their absence, EVLV will charge the athlete for that session.

What if my athlete misses a training session with advance notice?


The athlete will be eligible to make up the session once they communicate a make-up date with the coaches.

Do you train club or school teams in their off season?


Yes, we do.  We offer options to train either at our facility or we will come to your field.

What is the group placement process for EVLV's seasonal training programs?


Athletes are put into initial groups based on skill and age.  Our coaches will continue to evaluate each player during the winter season and recommend they move up or down in skill level based on their performance.  We want girls to be challenges but also confident and not discouraged.